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"Eisman Marketing Group is an extension of your marketing and management group. Our goal is to accelerate your business initiatives, providing innovative strategies, actionable solutions and industry experience to help you implement your company’s unique business vision and objectives to their greatest potential." – Mona Eisman



Brand Strategy and Customer Focused Marketing

New Business Development and Strategic Business Planning

Advertising, Public Relations and Promotion Planning & Implementation

Internet Retail and Marketing Strategies

Management Consulting

Operations and Systems Consulting


EMG offers expert consulting services in the areas of Brand Marketing, Consumer Products, Personal Care, Entertainment, and Fashion. The company develops and executes strategic business plans, including brand identity and communication strategies, product development, advertising, market research, and sales programs. EMG also assists companies to implement Management, Training and Operations strategies in order to insure the full company commitment that produces successful results.


Our areas of expertise also include the development and implementation of innovative Internet strategies and licensing, business development, and brand expansion projects. Achieving your stated business goals—including increasing awareness, developing sustainable brand relationships, and growing revenues and profitability—is what drives every initiative.


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Eisman Marketing Group (EMG) is more than a marketing company. EMG is a holistic consulting model, bringing together knowledge of and experience in a variety of disciplines—including Marketing, Finance and Operations. This unique synergy can offer you creative new ways to think about your business with innovative strategies and decisive action plans that deliver measurable results.


Mona Eisman established EMG after 20 years of senior management and consulting experience in the development of comprehensive business plans and brand identity, effective marketing and sales programs, communications and business growth strategies. She is recognized for her proven track record in creating breakthrough global strategies and business successes in a broad range of retail environments and industries including:


• Cosmetics

• Fashion

• Entertainment

• Medical

• Consumer Products


During its first decade of consulting, EMG has been instrumental in guiding the growth of both, Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial ventures through the development and execution of targeted marketing and business plans.

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