Teaching & Speaking

"One of the things I love about teaching at FIDM, is that the students demand current thought on the developments within the industry.  The students also continually challenge conventional thinking.  This keeps me fresh, informed and energized to serve my clients, ready to bring the newest ideas to my speaking engagements and marketing column – all these tasks go hand-in-hand."
– Mona Eisman


Los Angeles, CA

Mona Eisman has been teaching at FIDM for nine years and is annually recognized by students as an Outstanding Faculty member in her field. 

As a professor of business and marketing, Mona teaches a broad range of courses including:


• Brand Strategies
• International Business
• E-Commerce
• Entrepreneurship
• Applied Management


 In addition she has developed curriculum for the Elearning program at FIDM.





As a leading marketing expert, Mona speak s at industry events and for major companies, including HBA Global Expo, Packaging Club, PNG and others.  She is in her third year of teaching a Branding master class, which is attended by marketing and industry professionals from Fortune 100 companies to new and specialty boutique brands.  Mona has been speaking at HBA for the past seven years, and has received the highest reviews for having one of the most valuable, knowledgeable seminars at the conference.